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Mezzanine Bar

A cozy retreat with a colonial style decoration located in the inner courtyard. The Mezzanine Bar boasts a beautiful mural by Cuban painter Juan Carlos Botello, inserted in wooden frames depicting the exuberant vegetation of the Cuban countryside.

Its counter, tables and comfortable chairs make this a magnificent place to meet and have a morning cup of coffee, savor a continental breakfast or a light lunch, an afternoon tea, snack or a drink or two at night. The Mezzanine Bar also has 24-hr wireless internet access (WiFi).


  • open 24 hrs.
  • capacity: 42 people
  • location: Mezzanine

Mezzanine Bar

The cozy Mezzanine Bar, open 24 hours, is the perfect place for meeting friends. Serving light meals and a wide selection of cocktails, with classical and traditional musical groups entertaining at night.