Nacional Capitol

Distancia: 0.1 km

It was built in 1929. It has housed the Constituent Assembly during the 40’s and the chamber of representatives and…
Partagas Cigar (Tobaccos) Factory

Distancia: 0.2 km

Partagas is a brand of cigars (puros) Cuban belonging to the company ... it was the owner of a small…
Cruise Terminal Sierra Maestra.

Distancia: 1.5 km

The Sierra Maestra Cruise Terminal opened in 1914. Located in the historic center of Havana. The building style is eclectic.…
Gran Teatro de La Habana

Distancia: 0.2 km

It is the headquarters of the National Ballet of Cuba. His international standing has been endorsed by the variety of…
Basílica Menor de San Francisco de Asís

Distancia: 1.5 km

Salon specializing in choral and chamber concerts. His stage plays host to important Cuban and foreign musicians.Also it is known…
Martí Theatre.

Distancia: 0.01 km

There are works of architecture whose fate seems to be the eternal permanence; not subject to the weather; challenge all…
Plaza de la Revolución

Distancia: 5 km

The Revolution Square is a public square in the city of Havana, Cuba, one of the largest in the world…
National Zoo

Distancia: 22 km

The National Zoo of Cuba is the center for exhibiting animals representative of the native wildlife and other continents and…
Playas del Este

Distancia: 15 km

The so-called "endless summer" of Cuba, its always blue sky and high temperatures conducive to the promotion of a tropical…
Palacio de las Convenciones

Distancia: 15 km

Founded in 1979, the Palace of Conventions in Havana is specializing in events and congresses of unquestionable prestige in Cuba…
Biblioteca Nacional

Distancia: 5 km

The National Library of Cuba José Martí is the repository of the documentary, bibliographic, and sound artistic heritage treasure of…

Distancia: 17 km

PABEXPO is Fairgrounds Palace of Conventions in Havana.
National Botanic Garden

Distancia: 21 km

The National Botanic Garden of Cuba is a botanical garden of about 600 hectares, in which some 4,000 plant species…
Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

Distancia: 0.9 km

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. It is the institution responsible for treasure, restore, preserve, promote and study the works forming…
Museum of the Revolution

Distancia: 1 km

The former Presidential Palace - Museum of the Revolution in Havana is one of ... The museum is considered one…
Clínica Internacional "Cira García"

Distancia: 9.5 km

Unit of the National Public Health System Cuba. A pioneer in health tourism in Cuba.
Hospital "Hermanos Ameijeiras"

Distancia: 3.5 km

Hospital Hermanos Ameijeiras Clinical Surgical Hospital officially "Hermanos Ameijeiras" Cuba is the leading hospital located in Central Havana tower visible…
Malecón de La Habana

Distancia: 2 km

It includes a wide six-lane avenue and a long wall that extends over the entire northern coast of the Cuban…
Aeropuerto Internacional José Martí

Distancia: 20 km

Located in the municipality of Boyeros, Havana, Cuba, operated by the Cuban Company of Airports and Aviation Services SA, better…