Unveiled at the Hotel Saratoga Commemorative plaque

Unveiled at the Hotel Saratoga plate commemorating visit of Rafael Alberti and Maria Teresa Leon in Havana

"I remember staying at the Hotel Saratoga old Spanish writers Maria Teresa Leon and Rafael Alberti, March-April 1935, January 2006"

With these words reads the plaque, cast in bronze by the Spanish sculptor Antonio Grediaga and it was unveiled by Aitana Alberti, the daughter of two writers, along with Cuban poet Angel Augier. An initiative with the participation of the Cultural Center of the Generation of '27 Málaga Provincial Council, the Office of the Historian of the city and the Department of Culture Andalusian University of Havana. A plaque commemorating the stay of Spanish writers Maria Teresa Leon and Rafael Alberti in the Hotel Saratoga in Havana during the spring of 1935.

"It's very exciting for me and an unspeakable happiness, which in my city (Havana) has a plaque remembering that in the 30s my parents were staying in this beautiful hotel that has just been restored now," were the words of Mrs. Aitana Alberti, who lives in Cuba for 24 years.

At the ceremony, the daughter of Alberti and León said that during the stay of their parents for a month in Cuba were "very welcome" and that then met the island writers Nicolas Guillen, Juan Marinello and Regino Pedroso, with who began a friendship that will last a lifetime.

He also expressed satisfaction at sharing the event with the Cuban writer Angel Augier, National Literature Prize, who was 72 years ago hosted his parents in the visit to Havana and author of the excellent book entitled "Rafael Alberti in Cuba".

Augier, 95, remembers with great affection and with these words "(Alberti) with his enormous fame and a very young poet, whom he treated like an old friend. We established a special very natural relationship and. I take a tour touched Havana and meet some of its neighborhoods in which he found a strong resemblance to his hometown (Puerto de Santamaria in Cádiz) ".

For his part, President of the Cultural Center of the Generation of '27, the Malaga deputy Fernando Centeno said that placing this memory demonstrates that there is one more event when the pair of poets first came to Havana his first trip to America, a continent where they lived a long exile, but still the memory of a significant event, a rather small but today emblematic of our common history episode, a moment that tells of the struggle of our poets for dignity , justice and freedom.

The ceremony was also attended by the Ambassador of Spain in Cuba, Carlos Alonso Zaldóvar, Latin American diplomats, the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Culture of Cuba, artists and intellectuals, including also National Literary Awards Cesar Lopez, Pablo Armando Fernandez Nancy Morejon, our wonderful poetry watercolorist Luis Carbonell and outstanding painter Jorge Luis Fariñas.